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TRM: New structural reinforcement

LITEM participated last 13th of June in the 1st Research and technology Innovation Workshop of UPC in Terrassa with a contribution entitled: “Flexural reinforcement of concrete with textile reinforced mortar TRM”. Authors: Lluís Gil, Christian Escrig and Ernest Bernat.


This work presented a method of strengthening concrete structures based on textiles of high strength and mortars. The combination of textiles and mortars produces a new composite material of cementitic matrix. This material can be used for the reinforcement of concrete beams under bending loads. We tested several combinations of fibers: glass, PBO, steel and carbon fibers with mortar and we used them to reinforce precast concrete beams. All the specimens were tested with a four-point load test. We discussed the performance of the specimens and we compared the ultimate results with the formulae from FRP codes.


The work was presented by Dr. Lluís Gil.