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Ernest Bernat-Maso read the thesis: “Analysis of unreinforced and TRM-strengthened brick masonry walls subjected to eccentric axial load”

Last Friday 7th February Ernest Bernat-Maso read his thesis about “Analysis of unreinforced and TRM-strengthened brick masonry walls subjected to eccentric axial load”.

A significant number of buildings are supported by load-bearing masonry walls. The preservation of these worldwide used structures is a sustainable alternative. However, there is little research about the structural response of these particular elements if compared with others like concrete or steels framed structures.

In the thesis, an experimental campaign has been carried out. It consisted of hundreds of characterisation tests to obtain the mechanical properties of the component materials which have been used to build and test twenty-nine full-scale walls. [See videos]

Moreover an analytical design formulation has been established and compared with norms. Finally, Eng. Bernat developed a numerical model for the simulation of walls and their reinforcement with textile mortar (TRM).

The thesis was supervised by Dr. Lluís Gil and Dr. Pere Roca within the doctoral programme “Structural analysis” of the Dept. of Strength of Materials and Structures in Engineering.

And the jury was formed by:

President: José Tomás San José – Universidad del País Vasco
Secretary:  Cèsar Diaz – Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
External examiner: Daniel Oliveira – Universidade do Minho

Furthermore, three papers have been published as a result of the thesis work:

Bernat, E.; Gil, L.; Roca, P.; Escrig, C. Experimental and analytical study of TRM strengthened brickwork walls under eccentric compressive loading. Construction & building materials. 44, pp. 35 - 47. 07/2013.

Bernat, E.; Gil, L.; Roca, P.; Sandoval, C. Experimental and numerical analysis of bending-buckling mixed failure of brickwork walls. Construction & building materials. 43, pp. 1 - 13. 06/2013.

Sandoval, C.; Roca, P.; Bernat, E.; Gil, L. Testing and numerical modelling of buckling failure of masonry walls. Construction & building materials. 25 - 12, pp. 4394 - 4402. 12/2011.