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New paper: “Self-assessment exercises in continuum mechanics with autonomous learning”

The paper “Self-assessment exercises in continuum mechanics with autonomous learning” by Jordi Marcé-Nogué, Lluís Gil, Marco Antonio Pérez and Montse Sánchez has been published in Journal of Technology and Science Education ( Vol 3, No 1, pp 23-30. The paper can be found in this url:

The main objective of this work is the generation of a set of exercises to improve the autonomous learning in “Continuum Mechanics” through a virtual platform and also using a self-assessment process. It has been proved that the use of tools and specific methods as virtual platforms, self-assessment, peer-assessments, etc. optimizes the effort spent in following-up or in feedback processes which are key factors to enhance the students learning. Students will have to realize four exercises autonomously in relation to the subject matter developed in classes and deliver the solutions of each problem via the virtual platform within a deadline. Considering that receiving a feedback is essential to improve the performance of the learners it will not be the only mark of the exercise. Students must do a self-correction of the exercises and assign the mark that corresponds according to a criterion of a rubric designed by teachers.

According to the evidences of the student’s survey proposed in the paper and the evaluation of the fundamental aspects carried out by the teachers, the self-assessment exercises presented are positively assessed. Students were asked in the online survey about the content of the exercises, the methodology and the process of self-assessment and they considered that the activities are suitable for the autonomous learning of continuum mechanics.

This study has been supported by mean of projects “Millora de la Qualitat docent” (MQD 2009) of Agencia de Gestio d’Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca (AGAUR). The work is also included in the research in autonomous learning of “GRup d’interes per a l’APrenentatge AUtonom” (GRAPAU) from the RIMA Project. The work is part of the Project “Elaboració de material docent en l’àmbit de la mecànica del medi continu per adaptar les assignatures a l’EEES