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The Laboratory for the Technological Innovation of Structures and Materials, LITEM, was born at the end of 2004 as a research group. LITEM is an Interdisciplinary Research Centre of the Technical University of Catalonia. It is supported by a team of PhD Engineers in the fields of Strength of Materials and Continuum Mechanics.

Our Mission

To deal with advanced materials and innovative structures in a dynamic research environment to develop products and services for companies.


Our values

  • Research projects have a risk for our customers therefore we contribute with our best
  • Customers and researchers must work together throughout the project.
  • Communication is a source of conflicts. The most efficient and effective communication information to and within a research team is a face to face conversation.
  • Customer must know the position of the project.
  • Things that work are the main measure of progress. Customers can find value in the delivered results.
  • In research, advances can partially modify the initial planning. We always accept positive comments and contributions.

What we do

Taking advantage of our knowledge and our laboratory facilities, we help the companies on the development of their R&D actions. Main goals are:


  • We can help set the objectives and challenges of R&D in specific projects
  • We are able to provide technical assistance in all fund-raising activities of the company for R&D initiatives
  • We can help execute R&D projects
  • We can carry out particular studies about mechanical behavior of structures and materials
  • We support training activities and promotion of R&D results


REVALORIZACIÓN DE RESIDUOS SECUNDARIOS DE NFU's” IPT-2012-0990-310000 funded by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad