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E-mail Phone

Lluís Gil (+34)937398723

PhD Lecturer

Dr. Civil Engineer (1997). Assistant professor of Continuum Mechanics, Engineering Structures and Composite Materials. Principal investigator of 13 competitive research projects, 30 int. publications, 82 conference contributions, 2 patent co-authoring. Research interests: testing structures, masonry, concrete and composites. |  @lluisgilespert

Montserrat Sánchez (+34)937398054

PhD Lecturer

Dr Mechanical Engineer and professor at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. She has participated in several national projects and agreements with companies. She is currently directing two doctoral theses, has participated in 12 competitive research projects (2 of them as principal investigator), has conducted 15 international publications and 12 conference contributions.

Juanjo Rivera                   (+34)938777272

PhD Lecturer

Degree in Physics at the Universitat de Barcelona and Doctor in Physics at UPC. He is a researcher of weather forecast specialized in heavy rains prediction and at present he works in the area of  biomechanics in hemodynamic simulation applied to vascular interventions. Also, he is a teacher in the Departments of Strength of Materials at EPSEM.

Ernest Bernat (+34)937398727

PhD - Post-doc Researcher and Assistant Lecturer

Dr. Civil Engineer (2014). His research is focused on the structural analysis of historical constructions and strengthening systems. He has participated in 3 projects of teaching innovation and has worked in 5 competitive research projects. He has 9 international publications and 4 conference contributions.  @ErnestUPCLITEM


Christian Escrig (+34)937398728

PhD candidate - Assistant Lecturer

Mechanical Engineer. His research is focused on new strengthening RC-structures technologies, specially with cementitious matrix composite materials. He has 4 international publications and 3 conference contributions. He has participated in 1 projects of teaching innovation and has worked in 1 competitive research projects.    @christianescrig

Josep Fortuny

PhD - Post-doc and Adjunct Researcher

Degree in Biological Sciences from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and PhD in Geology by the Universitat de Barcelona. He has a postdoctoral position in the Institut Català de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont. He is an associate researcher in the research group LITEM. His research focus on the paleobiology of early tetrapods using non invasive tecniques as CT scanners and biomechanical approaches as Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

Jordi Marcé-Nogué (+34)937398018

PhD - Post-doc Researcher and Adjunct Lecturer

His research is focused on computational biomechanics in the field of orthodontics, cardiac mechanics, hemodynamics and, specially, in vertebrate structures in paleobiology.  He has written 14 international publications, 31 conference contributions and leaded 2 competitive research projects.


Catalin Andrei Neagoe (+34)937398727

PhD candidate

Civil Engineer and Architect, with Master's degree in Building Engineering. His research interests include design and analysis of hybrid FRP-concrete members, strengthening of concrete structures with FRP materials, as well as structural testing. He has authored four journal publications, five conference contributions and one book chapter.

Marco Antonio Pérez (+34)937398289

PhD - Post-doc Researcher and Adjunct Lecturer

Assistant Professor at the UPC. He has a MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering and a degree in Music. During 2010 he spent a research period at the University of Colorado in Boulder (USA). His research activity is focused on composite materials, dynamic analysis, hybrid simulation and nondestructive testing.

Francesc Puigvert (+34)937398727

PhD Adjunct Researcher

PhD Mechanical Engineer working on “Static and dynamic analysis of circular bond-type anchorage for post-tensioned composite rods (CFRP)”. He has participated in one competitive research and one conference contribution. Also, he has worked in several national projects and agreements with companies.


Roger Serra López (+34)937398727

PhD candidate

Aerospace Engineer at Polytechnic University of Catalonia, he is currently a M.Sc. student in Automatic Systems Engineering. His research is focused in Hybrid Simulation, matching numerical simulations with experimental tests in real time. He has also been an active member of the high-performance model aircraft DBF (Design Build and Fly) project Trencalòs since 2008. Other fields of interest include Unmanned Air Vehicles technology and software development.   @r_serra

Vicenç Andreu (+34)937398711

Mechanics professional degree. Specialised in Production Machining (starting up and programming area of CNC machines). Laboratory technician (auxiliar crafts testing). He is in charge of the laboratory maintenance. He provides asistance to professors and researchers during their experimental works.


Sònia Segura (+34)937398724

Degree in Advertising and Public Relations at UAB. She is the person in charge of the research group communication policy: coordination, design and management of the corporate image. She is also responsible for quality according ISO 9001.